Look for KB4T on 28.420 MHz on the 10M band between 0300Z and 0600Z

The Importance of Listening

One of the first lessons all VOIP Ham Radio Operators must master is the art of LISTENING.

Commit this to memory: Never transmit on any frequency until you have spent at least 2 minutes listening there.

New users are prone to violating this basic operating procedure. They may be so anxious to make their first contact that they can’t keep their fingers off the PTT button. New users tend to barge into ongoing conversations without having anything to contribute. This is simply rude! Such behavior satisfies their urge to transmit but disrupts the flow of the conversation and leaves those who were talking feeling awkward and a bit annoyed. Not a great way to start!

Imagine you and someone you just met are chatting at a party face-to-face about something that interests you both.  Suddenly a stranger neither of you knows walks up to the two of you and starts talking about something random and unrelated. How would you feel if that happened to you? Very likely you would be momentarily shocked and then somewhat angry especially if you were the one trying to make a point. Breaking into an ongoing HamSphere conversation without a clue as to what’s being discussed is equally rude.

Be patient! Listen long enough to get a good idea what is being discussed. Resist the urge to break in just to say “Hi.” Such greetings are best done at a sensible stopping point in the discussion or at the end of the conversation. It’s always best to sit by quietly if you have nothing useful to contribute to the ongoing conversation. Only listening will you ever get in sync with the discussion underway. Break in only if you have something valuable to add to the discussion.

Avoid making a bad first impression. Learn to listen before you join an ongoing conversation. Gain respect by offering added value to the topic under discussion. Being a good listener will make you a better operator.