Look for KB4T on 28.420 MHz on the 10M band between 0300Z and 0600Z

Need HamSphere Support? Here’s how to ask for it…

HamSphere recently implemented a new User Support System. A team of HamSphere specialists and experts has been assembled to answer questions about all aspects of HamSphere.

Topics include (but are not limited to) questions about when you want to:

Download HamSphere software
Install HamSphere software
Configure HamSphere software
Use HamSphere software
Use the HamSphere system
Answer questions about operating in the HamSphere universe
Resolve Receive or Transmit audio problems

In fact, nearly any issue related to HamSphere can be dealt with via the Support system. Here’s how to take advantage of this valuable user service:

Point your browser to   http://www.hamsphere.com/support

Look for this button upon which to click:

Click on this to ask for HamSphere Support at http://www.hamsphere.com/support

In the screens that follow:

1.  Describe the make and model of your computer

2.  Describe the Operating system type and version used on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

3.  Describe the version of HamSphere you are trying to use

4.  Describe IN DETAIL any error messages you see on the screen related to your issue

5.  Describe IN DETAIL…LOTS of DETAIL…exactly what is happening that is causing trouble. Be DETAILED…very, very detailed. Describe the steps you follow that produce the error.

6.  Read over your problem description before submitting it. Make sure you have said everything listed above and have provided every detail.

Once your request for support is submitted, DO NOT SUBMIT another request about the same issue. One submit is all that’s needed. You will receive a written reply from someone on the HamSphere Support Team within 24 hours. If you have not heard anything from the support team within 24 hours, check your email SPAM folder to make sure a reply did not end up there. If you are certain that no reply has been received AND 48 hours have passed, send a short email with the support ticket/case number to support@hamsphere.com.  Your matter will receive prompt attention.

The absolute WORST thing you can do is create MULTIPLE support requests about the same problem. Please don’t do this. It doesn’t help in any way and won’t give your matter any higher priority.

If the reply you get from the HamSphere Support Team is not clear, raises more questions or simply can’t be understood…simply click REPLY and ask for clarification on whatever points are not clear. The HamSphere Support Team will do all it can to provide clear, detailed and useful responses to help you resolve your issue. You can reply as often as needed to get what you need.

The HamSphere Support Team is composed of volunteers who donate their time and expertise to make sure your HamSphere experience is the best possible. Do your part and follow these recommendations when you need their help.


Frank N. Haas KB4T
HamSphere Support Team

P. S.  Reread items 4 & 5 above. Detail is essential. The more detail you provide the less time will be needed to resolve your issue.