Look for KB4T on 28.420 MHz on the 10M band between 0300Z and 0600Z

Learning Ham Radio

Links and programs that will help you learn about Ham Radio

Listen to Amateur Radio NewsLine: Ham Radio News Every Week

The latest Ham Radio News is available in a 30 minute audio program suitable for airing on your local repeater or at your local meetings.

Visit http://www.arnewsline.org and look for This Week’s Newscast – AUDIO link. Click and download to listen on your computer.

Bill Pasternak WA6ITF and the AR Newsline team bring you Ham Radio news and features from around the world every Friday morning around 1500Z (1000 Eastern Time).

Amateur Radio NewsLine is a volunteer free service but it isn’t free to produce. Consider donating to the service via the DONATE NOW button found in the upper right portion of the site’s home page.

Stay informed about what’s happening in the Ham Radio hobby by listening each week to the Amateur Radio Newsline podcast – available free every Friday at http://www.arnewsline.org.

Watch Ham Nation on Twit.tv every week!

If you want to learn more about Amateur Radio in the United States, watch or listen to HAM Nation on the Twit Network. This weekly hour long podcast/videocast features Bob Heil K9EID and Gordon West WB6NOA, both highly renowned Ham Radio personalities. Watch or listen to the program anytime you like by pointing your browser to http://twit.tv/hn.

Each week Bob and Gordon present the latest ham radio news, special features on ham radio social events and information about interesting technical projects. You can watch the program being recorded live on Tuesday evenings at 2045 EASTERN time at http://live.twit.tv  (Flash Player is required to view the video so your iPad or iPhone won’t work.)

The TWIT Network broadcasts via the Internet. Famed Tech Show Host Leo LaPorte founded TWIT and hosts many of the programs offered on the network. The TWIT network offers more than 20 professionally produced tech-oriented programs on all wide variety of topics from high tech smartphones to computer operating systems to internet security. Check out the TWIT Network. I promise you that you will get hooked!

Watch Ham Nation every week for an hour of entertaining and informative news and features about Ham Radio!

Learn about all the TWIT Network programs by visiting http://twit.tv.