Look for KB4T on 28.420 MHz on the 10M band between 0300Z and 0600Z

When can I work KB4T?


Making great transmit audio

KB4T's VOIP Console as of September 2011: Electro-Voice RE20 Mic, Symetrix 528E Voice Processor, Behringer MDX2600 Dynamics Proc, TC Elec Triple C Tri-band Compressor, Lexicon 550 Effects Processor - Click on image for close-up view.

KB4T is typically on HamSphere between 0300Z and 0600Z (2200 – 0100 Eastern USA Time) on 28.420 MHz on the 10M band.

From time to time Monday through Friday, KB4T can be found lurking around the 6M, 10M, 20M and 40M bands while operating MOBILE traveling around northeast Florida in his work van. When operating mobile, KB4T is usually taking an hour to two hour long drive to some distant work site or back home.

As a consummate ragchewer, KB4T enjoys having other HamSphere operators ride along with him during these long drives. If you see or hear KB4T listed in the cluster and it’s a weekday before 0300Z, there’s a good chance he’s mobile. Give him a call and join him on the trip.

If it happens to be Saturday or Sunday, then it’s likely KB4T is in or near the shack doing paperwork, responding to the dozens of emails he gets every day or working on the RF radio.

28.420 is the spot where KB4T tends to spend most of his HamSphere operating time. Start there if you are searching for KB4T.

When operating from his home, KB4T will gladly record your transmissions and play them back to you if you are curious about how you sound on HamSphere. While the Echo Server on 1.82345 (160M band) is a handy tool, it only records 10 seconds worth of audio. KB4T will record and playback a minute or more which can be very helpful in determining if changes you are making are having the desired effect.

KB4T will also gladly consult with you on how you can improve the sound of your Transmit Audio on HamSphere. One of the best things you can do to make yourself stand out on HamSphere is to have a great sounding signal. KB4T can help you achieve that objective.

Email KB4T at          kb4t at kb4t dot us       [Be sure to change "at" to @ and "dot" to a single period]


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